Best Stylish NuAns NEO Windows 10 Mobile launch in the US today

NEO provides you with the freedom to customize the shell of your smartphone while providing high-quality tech in its CORE.

Microsoft has not had a lot of luck convincing customers to modify from Android or iOS to Windows Phone with its own Lumia devices, and it's currently hoping third parties can create phones running Windows 10 Mobile and tempt folks to revert to Windows phone. The NuAns Neo 1st debuted in Japan earlier this year, and it's rather distinctive for a Windows phone. The Neo encompasses a chunky 11.3 mm-thick frame with up to 64 completely different interchangeable snap-on covers that embody materials like wood and Ultrasuede. It even encompasses a flower 617 processor, thus you will be able to use the time feature of Windows ten Mobile to show this phone into a laptop.

The Neo is arriving worldwide thanks to a Kickstarter campaign today. NuAns Neo is aiming to raise amount of $725,000, and an early bird price of $270 will secure a Neo and a choice of the two tone cover or a flip case. NuAns even claims that the Neo will let you make NFC payments. Microsoft revealed an update to its Wallet app for Windows 10 Mobile last week, but only the most recent Lumia devices are supported for tap-to-pay.

The Newest Windows 10 Mobile & Continuum

Among the various lifestyle changes that the smartphone has influenced, the workplace lifestyle has been particularly interesting. Smartphones have brought revolutionary changes to our work, study, and creativities lifestyles. Yet creativity seems to be lacking in both smartphones and the personal computer.

In trying to provide a new answer, Windows 10 Mobile offers an innovative new approach to the workplace making it the perfect choice when choosing the basic software for NuAns NEO. Windows 10 Mobile is the only platform that unifies your personal computer, tablet, and smartphone to one interface. No matter what device you use, you can easily edit, publish, and share information through OneDrive and Microsoft Office. To enable a more creative workspace, NuAns NEO comes equipped with the latest Qualcomm octa-core processor “SnapDragon 617”.

Design: Altering The Look.

Bags, watches, stationeries, and wallets are all accessories that we use every day. We could even add smartphones to items that are required to function daily. We needed to create a smartphone that could blend seamlessly into our daily lifestyles. We wanted to create something that enhanced complimented our daily lives in every aspect. Creating a device with texture that fits into our palms like a wallet or notebook is just a single adaptation. When we get back to the original concept of NuAns, we could envision a clear way to re-create the “smartphone” for the better.

Most of the manufacturing companies are pursuing the world's thinnest and lightest device. However, those attributes are not the single answer to the "greatest smartphone every made".  NuAns NEO has our favorite attributes of a smartphone woven deeply in its CORE, proposing a change to the new digital lifestyle. 

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