Women @ Telenor Pakistan

Diversity is top priority in Telenor Pakistan, and they have made great strides in creating a gender balanced workplace. Here’s a look at what they do for women.

“Telenor believe that diversity is one of the best untapped opportunities that companies have today,” says Imran Fazal, HR Center for Expertise, Telenor Pakistan. In a country where the female workforce is considered underdeveloped, Telenor Pakistan has leaped ahead to create a workplace where both women and men thrive.

The company has launched a number of initiatives over the years to ensure that women in the organization are both hired and given the opportunity to rise through the ranks. Today in Pakistan, more women are seeking University degrees, which has resulted in a much broader talent pool from which Telenor can draw.

“Research and experience has shown worldwide that companies with diverse teams, especially at the top management level, perform better than those with identical thinkers,” said Michael Foley, CEO Telenor Pakistan. “Women formulate nearly 51% of Pakistan’s population, and as we strive to become their favorite digital lifestyle partner, their perspectives are crucial for our business to serve them the best way possible,” he added.

Bringing women back into the workforce

Launched in 2014, Naya Aghaaz (New Beginnings) is a Telenor Pakistan initiative that targets wives and mothers who left work to be at home, and are now anxious to get back to work. Telenor hires them on a project basis, while encouraging them to apply for permanent positions.

“The New Beginnings program gave me the opportunity to relaunch my career while giving me the flexibility to manage the responsibilities of my personal life,” said Arooj, a Naya Aghaaz associate.

Learning to drive

Driving brings independence, which is why Telenor Pakistan offers driving courses during office hours to women employees.

“Having my own vehicle had become essential for me due to my growing responsibilities at work and home. Within a few months, I was there, a professional driver,” said Neelma, a participant in Telenor Pakistan’s driving program.

Women wanted in Sales & Distribution positions

One area that has struggled to attract women talents in Telenor Pakistan has been Sales & Distribution. To remedy this, the company started two programs to increase women’s exposure to this type of work. Now they are able to job shadow within the field, learn more and decide if this is a career they would like to pursue. In addition, Telenor offers women university students some short-term practical work in this area in order to strengthen the pool of potential women talent.